Popular Sayings for Women’s Day

Women have always been suppressed and denied in society. No matter how much civilized we have become but the importance of women in society is still under question. Since a very long time, the importance of women has been taking for granted. However, we are slowly moving towards a society where the presence of women is being acknowledged. One cannot deny the fact that women have a great role to play in society. Whether it be your mother, sister or wife, every woman is important and should be given equal respect. International women’s day is just about to arrive. The day has great significance as it marks the struggle initiated by women to attain equality in society. You can find a lot of popular sayings for women’s day on the internet and even use them as womens day status.

The Role and Importance of Women

In many cases, women are treated badly and even deprived of their basic rights. It is not long ago when women were not even allowed to go to school or vote. However, society has slowly started to realize the importance of women and we are marching towards building a society where women have the rights to achieve their dreams and goals.

Today, women have excelled in every field. Their intelligence, achievements, and strength are at par with men. They have proved the term ‘inferior’ has nothing to do with their gender. The traditional approach towards women as a housewife and a birth giver has become almost extinct. It is not news anymore that women other than just playing the role of a mother and a wife can also prove to be successful in all areas which are dominated by men.

Women all across the world have proven that they are meant only for bearing children but their worth is more than that. The role of women may be different but that doesn’t mean that they are unimportant. There may be still some issues related to the equality of women but the day is not far when the world will accept women to be complete members of society.

Women are breaking stereotypes everywhere and in every field. They have proven that they can do and get equal to men in every field.

Every woman is important and they have a role to play in the society they should be treated with equal respect as men.

Updated: February 26, 2019 — 5:41 am

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